Omega II Blackjack Count

Popularized by professional blackjack player Bryce Carlson in his book, Blackjack for Blood, the Omega II Count is an advanced card counting system. Used at online gambling sites for its accurate results, the system can be quite complex and is not generally recommended for those new to card counting.

However, Omega II Count builds off the Hi-Lo card counting system in many ways, making the Hi-Lo system a good starting place for novices.

Best Online Blackjack Sites

Extensive practice is usually needed to become proficient with the Omega II Count card counting system. Players must be able to quickly and repeatedly perform arithmetic. Online gambling sites make using this system slightly easier, as players do not need to worry about being as furtive with their counting.

How Omega II Count Works

Like most blackjack card counting systems, the Omega II system assigns a value to each card. As cards are shown, the player must keep a running total in his or head to determine what actions to take. The system ignores the suit of every card.

In Omega II Count, the 8 and Ace are worth 0, meaning that players can effectively ignore them. The 7, 3 and 2 cards are worth +1 each, while the 6, 5 and 4 cards are worth +2. The 9 is worth -1 and the King, Queen, Jack and 10 are worth -2. A high running total means that conditions are good for 20 point hands, while a low total indicates a lack of high cards remaining in the shoe.

Players at online blackjack websites should adjust their betting strategy according to the current count.

Is Omega II Count Useful at Online Betting Sites?

Because of its high level of accuracy, the Omega II Count card counting system can be effectively applied to blackjack at online gambling sites, as the system works with the multi-deck blackjack variations commonly found at such sites. Card counting is never illegal, but is discouraged by most gambling websites. One should avoid using automated programs to count cards, as this may actually violate the rules at some sites.