MIT Blackjack Team Card Counting

The MIT blackjack team was a group of students and other individuals associated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The group won fame in the gambling community for their ability to consistently beat casinos in blackjack, winning significant profits across multiple decades of operation.

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Despite being banned from most casinos, the group's members continued to train new recruits until the team had over 80 members in several U.S. states. The MIT blackjack team also introduced many people to the concepts of card counting. In fact, variations on the card counting techniques used by the team are still commonly used at online gambling sites.

The MIT blackjack team won so much money that they accepted funds from independent investors at one point, doubling the investment of $89,000 in ten weeks. At the rate at which the team won money, most undergraduate players were making over $80 per hour. The team is especially noteworthy for proving that blackjack is beatable, at least in long-term play, through the use of a proper combination of card counting skills, team strategy and mathematical talent.

How Did The MIT Blackjack Team Win?

Many blackjack players are curious about the techniques employed by the MIT blackjack team and whether those techniques could be useful at online blackjack sites. In truth, much of the team's success relied on their intricate system of signals between multiple players. Replicating these techniques online is exceedingly difficult, and finding a way to do so may lead to using forbidden tactics at many online gambling sites. Still, there is much for online blackjack players to learn from the team. This includes, most prominently, the concepts and methodology behind card counting. Estimates have been made that the MIT blackjack team's techniques allowed them to gain an edge of about 4%, around half of which was due to card counting.

Most card counting systems operate using the same core principles. The player mentally assigns a value to each card and keeps a running total as each new card is flipped. When this count reaches a certain level, the player can discern approximately how many high cards remain in the deck, allowing the player to adjust his or her betting strategies accordingly.

While the MIT blackjack team has disbanded, their methods and strategies have inspired thousands of blackjack players, including those that play at online gambling sites. While few people know all of the team's secrets, any aspiring blackjack player can likely learn from their example.