Hi Lo Blackjack Counting System

The Hi Lo blackjack card counting system was first introduced by Harvey Dubner in 1963 and continues to be one of the most common systems used by players at online gambling sites. In some ways, it can be seen as a refined version of Dr. Edward Thorp's famous 10 Count method. Other well-known blackjack strategists such as Stanford Wong and Don Schlesinger have written about the Hi Lo system at great length.

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The Hi Lo system is intended for novice and early intermediate players, and it is often the first card counting method that many players learn. Hi Lo is also an effective primer for more difficult systems such as the Wong Halves Count, as it introduces players to many of they key concepts of card counting.

How The Hi Lo Blackjack Gambling System Works

Like nearly all blackjack card counting methods, the Hi Lo system assigns a value to each card, allowing players to keep a running total of every card that is flipped, which indicates approximately how many low and high cards comprise the rest of the shoe. If the count is high, players should bet high, as they are more likely to be dealt higher cards. This is because every high card remaining grants the player an advantage of approximately 0.5%.

This system has some of the easiest values to remember, making it useful for players at online gambling sites who are new to card counting. Cards 2 through 6 are worth +1, while 10s, face cards and Aces are all valued at -1. Cards 7 through 9 are worth 0 and can be effectively ignored. Because the Hi Lo system is balanced, the final count at the end of a deck should be 0.

Being balanced does require players to make additional calculations in multi-deck blackjack games. To determine the more accurate true count, players must divide the current running total by the approximate number of decks remaining in the shoe. While this requires players to keep track of the total number of cards played, extensive practice with the system can make this easier.

Is The Hi Lo System Useful At Online Gambling Sites?

While more complex and accurate card counting methods certainly exist, the Hi Lo system strikes a balance between simplicity and effective results, making it a great tool for novice and intermediate players at internet blackjack sites. While the system is completely legal, most online gambling sites discourage card counting - players should do so at their own risk.