Bonus Blackjack Game Variation

Bonus Blackjack is a variation of blackjack typically found at online gambling sites. Bonus Blackjack does not change or remove any existing rules; rather, an optional side bet is added. Each player is given the opportunity to bet on the outcome of his or her first two flipped cards. If they flip a winning combination, the player wins the side bet and the game continues.

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Bonus Blackjack Game Rules

Apart from the side bet, Bonus Blackjack is played using the same rules as traditional blackjack. Because the bet is optional, hands can be made in which no players make a bonus bet. At the beginning of a game of Bonus Blackjack but before any cards are dealt, players can bet on their first two cards. If these cards do not create one of three combinations, the bet is forfeit.

The first and lowest-paying combination is comprised of any same-suited cards. This set pays out at a ratio of 5 to 1. The next combination is an Ace and a Jack of the same suit, which pays out 25 to 1. Finally, the top combination is the Ace and Jack of spades, paying out at a ratio of 50 to 1. After the dealer flips over each player's first two cards, any winning side bets are paid out and the game resumes normally.

Choosing Bonus Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

Bonus Blackjack is currently relatively rare at sites with blackjack games. While the majority of those that do carry the game seem to use the same rules, one should still check the payout scales offered and how many decks each site uses. The number of decks in a shoe can change the effects of both a normal game of blackjack and the Bonus Blackjack side bet, so it is important to verify this information.

If the site you are considering is lesser-known, thoroughly research it to ensure that it is secure and reputable before playing there. Never join online gambling sites that only accept online gambling deposits through bank transfer or in cash, as this is usually a sign of an illegitimate operation. Despite the relative rarity of Bonus Blackjack online, you should not risk being scammed for an opportunity to play.

Tips For Playing Bonus Blackjack

In general, good strategies for Bonus Blackjack are the same as for standard blackjack. The side bet does not affect the house edge, so you should bet according to proper blackjack strategy. Because the side bet is such a minimal part of the game, there are no real strategies for winning it. The best tactic in this case is to simply try calculating the odds for getting winning bonus bet combinations.