Ante Up 21 Online Blackjack

Ante Up 21 blackjack is designed to interest players who enjoy both online blackjack and poker games. The game features standard blackjack betting as well as an optional ante bet that's similar to the type of bet normally made in poker. The blackjack portion of Ante Up 21 is played first.

Best Ante Up 21 Blackjack Sites

Afterwards, the dealer and the player compare their hands to identify who has the best two-card poker hand. By incorporating blackjack and poker into one game, Ante Up 21 blackjack gives players the chance to win or at least split both bets.

Ante Up 21 Blackjack Game Rules

The player and dealer receive two cards each, just like in normal blackjack. The player can decide to play the hand as both a blackjack and poker hand by making an ante bet that has an equal or lower value than the original blackjack bet.

The first phase of the game then plays out like a normal round of blackjack. The dealer must hit on a soft 17 and the player can keep his or her busted hand if they are also participating in the poker phase of Ante Up 21 blackjack.

Once the blackjack winner has been determined, the dealer and player compare poker hands. The dealer must qualify for the poker round by having a hand value of queen-high or better. Tie hands result in pushes for both bets. If the dealer gets a natural blackjack, the original bet pushes, but the player can still win the ante bet. Should the dealer not qualify for the poker round, the original bet pushes and the player earns an even payout on the ante bet.

Choosing Ante Up 21 Blackjack Online Gambling Sites

Choose from online gambling sites that offer clear guidelines regarding how to play Ante Up 21 blackjack. The complexity of the game can be overwhelming to new players, so it's helpful to use online gambling sites that indicate what actions are available to the player during the game and include a rules sheet for quick reference.

Choose from online gambling sites that allow you to quickly make large deposits. Ante Up 21 blackjack requires you to make two bets when playing both the blackjack and poker phases of the game. This means it's necessary to maintain a larger chip balance than usual when participating in more than a few rounds of Ante Up 21 blackjack.

Tips For Playing Ante Up 21 Blackjack

Keep in mind that combinations such as straights, flushes and full houses as well as four and three of a kind hands do not count in Ante Up 21 blackjack. In order to stand the best chance of winning or splitting the bets, carefully consider your hand and the dealer's up card. You have a greater incentive to stand when holding a face card because you have an improved chance of winning the poker hand, even if you lose the blackjack round. Hit when holding a hand that has a low total value until you receive a face card, complete a pair or go bust.