Israeli Shekel Online Gambling Sites

The newest form of the Israeli Shekel (ILS) has been in circulation since 1986. The Israeli gambling community makes up a very small portion of the 7 million inhabitants of Israel. The illegal status of live and online gambling in Israel has helped keep native gambling interest to a minimum. However, the online gambling prohibition has no effect on foreign based gambling services that operate Israeli friendly gambling sites.

Best Israeli Shekel Gambling Sites

Shekel friendly online gambling and betting sites will allow you to register for an account and set your currency preference to the Israeli Shekel. Setting the currency preference to the Shekel will transfer all of your deposits in Shekalim by default. Israeli gamblers should always contact their preferred site's customer service center to find out if the gambling service requires you to convert your funds into a different currency before playing casino games, poker tournaments or wagering on sport events. While many Shekel friendly gambling sites allow you to maintain an account in Shekallim, they may still require you to convert your funds into Euros to participate in certain gambling activities. This is the case for many casino and poker sites featuring Euro- or American Dollar-only slots games and Texas Hold'em tables.

The Best Gambling Sites Accepting Shekel Deposits

The best Shekel friendly gambling sites are likely to be high profile international gambling services. Popular international gambling sites usually cater to the masses by accepting a large variety of currencies including the Israeli Shekel. However, finding high profile gambling sites accepting Shekel deposits may be difficult due to the Israeli government's active cooperation with local Internet service providers to block online gambling sites.

It may take thorough research to find an online gambling website that is not blocked by the Israeli government and accepts Shekel deposits. The ban against online betting in Israel has lead many Israeli based banking services to refuse fund transfers to a gambling account. International services such as Visa and MasterCard credit as well as Moneybookers represent the best methods of performing a deposit in Shekalim.

The prospect of finding a Shekel friendly gambling site that does not require you to convert to Euros or American dollars is slim. Israeli gamblers should expect certain high profile gambling sites to accept deposits in Shekalim but will most likely have to convert their funds into Euros before playing casino games, participating in a poker tournament or placing a wager on a sporting event.