Norwegian Krone Online Gambling Sites

Norway and the Norwegian Krone (NOK) are accepted at Norway gambling sites although the country represents a very small part of the European online gambling community and most players prefer to play with Euros. With only five million inhabitants, the country does not represent a large market base for online gambling. Norway is not part of the European Union and has chosen to operate a state run gambling monopoly through the Norsk Tipping gambling service.

The government has tried to ban the use of all foreign based online gambling sites, making it reasonably difficult to enjoy online gambling with the Norwegian Krone.

Best Norwegian Krone Gambling Sites

Norway citizens will have no problems using the Norwegian Krone at the Norsk Tipping gambling service. The long standing state run online gambling service operates all of its finances with the Norwegian Krone. Depositing, gambling and withdrawing in Kroner is very simple at Norsk Tipping.

Top Gambling Sites Accepting Krone Deposits

Aside from the state run Norsk Tipping service, the government also allows several foreign based online gambling sites to operate in Norway. The foreign gambling websites monitored by the Norway government readily accept Krone deposits and are likely the best gambling sites available to the Norwegian gambling community.

There are also multiple international Krone friendly gambling sites which are not licensed and monitored by the Norwegian government. These sites cover the entire spectrum of online gambling. They include:

  • Sportsbook sites featuring European soccer
  • Casino sites featuring Blackjack and slots games
  • Poker sites with Texas Hold'em tournaments
  • Bingo sites featuring 75 and 90 ball games

Making payments and deposits with Kroner at a site that is not authorized by the Norwegian government may be a difficult task for Norwegian gamblers. The government actively collaborates with Norwegian banks to prevent the transferring of funds for online gambling purposes. Norwegians using a foreign gambling site may have to locate a third party financial service that will transfer funds in Norwegian Kroner to gambling sites.

Playing casino games, online poker tournaments and making sports wagers at a Krone friendly gambling site will protect you from the currency exchange ratio between the Norwegian Krone and Euro. Since the average exchange rate is 8 Kroner to 1 Euro, Norwegians will need a large Krone based bankroll to enjoy a long stint of gambling at sites that do not accept the Krone. Additionally, Norwegian gamblers should expect a 1.5-2.5% service charge on all Krone deposits converted into Euros or American dollars.