Romanian New Leu Gambling Sites

The Romanian Leu (RON) has been in circulation since 1867 and was reformed into the New Leu in 2005. Like in most countries included in the European Union, all forms of online gambling in Romania are completely legal. The only online gambling based prohibition enforced by the Romanian government is the prohibition of Romanian based gambling sites. The legal status of online gambling sites in Romania allows citizens to use any of the safe and reputable gambling sites that accept players from Romania.

Best Romanian Currency Gambling Sites

Of all online gambling sites accessible to Romanians, only a handful identify the New Leu as a valid currency. To find out if a specific online gambling site accepts the New Leu, access the banking methods webpage or contact their customer service center. You should only expect to find the New Leu as a valid currency in certain high profile sportsbook, casino and poker sites.

These sites will allow you to set the New Leu as your preferred online casino currency when registering for an account. With the currency preference set, all of your deposits will be performed in the New Leu by default.

The Best Gambling Sites Accepting New Leu Deposits

The Romanian New Leu holds better value than many other European currencies but is still worth less than the Euro and American Dollar. The average exchange ratio is approximately 4 Leu to 1 Euro which means Romanian gamblers won’t have to make a massive deposit to get their money’s worth in gambling. Finding a gambling site accepting deposits in Romanian Leu will help you avoid the New Leu to Euro exchange rate. Most gambling sites use public market exchange rates to convert their customer’s funds and the exchange rates are often subject to fluctuations that can really hurt the overall gambling experience for Romanian citizens.

The very best New Leu friendly gambling sites will allow you to still benefit from their sign up bonus promotions on initial deposits. They will also accept the most popular banking methods to fund your account in Romanian Leu. Popular New Leu deposit methods include:

  • Visa and MasterCard credit
  • NETeller and Moneybookers
  • EcoCard
  • Bank transfer

Certain gambling sites permitting you to maintain funds in the New Leu may still require you to convert into the primary Euro currency before playing a gambling game or joining a poker table that operates only in Euros. Gambling sites will always give you the option of converting all or a portion of your funds into their primary currency. The best New Leu friendly gambling sites will use a frozen exchange rate for customers who want to convert to and from the New Leu. This means that the exchange rate used to convert from the New Leu to the Euro is also used when you want to convert back into the New Leu.