Swedish Krona Online Gambling Sites

The Krona (SEK) is the official currency in Sweden until the country switches to the Euro as their sole legal currency. The Krona is accepted as a valid currency by the state-run monopoly Svenska Spel gambling site and at many of the most popular offshore gambling sites.

Best Swedish Krona Gambling Sites

Swedish friendly gambling sites allow you to set the Krona as your preferred currency when registering for a gambling account. Setting the currency preference to the Krona will properly display your bankroll funds and deposit transactions in Kronor on the site's cashier webpage. Additionally, all Krona friendly gambling games, tables and tournaments will be displayed in the correct amount of Kronor. Attempting to access any gambling activity that does not accept the Krona will prompt you with an option to convert all or a portion of your bankroll funds into Euros.

Top Gambling Sites Accepting Krona Deposits

Sweden currently has a state run gambling service titled Svenska Spel which holds a legal monopoly on the country's gambling market. Swedes looking for a completely legal gambling service readily accepting the Swedish Krona should consider the services offered by the Svenska Spel. The state run service operates all of their gambling activities and payment systems in the Swedish Krona.

The alternative options to the Svenska Spel are the various international gambling sites that offer gambling activates in Swedish and accept the Swedish Krona as a valid currency. There are over 20 different gambling sites allowing Swedish Krona-based gambling accounts.

Using the Swedish Krona as your preferred online gambling currency will help guard you from the daily exchange rate fluctuations between the Krona and major forms of currency such as the Euro. Without the hassle of converting Kronor into American Dollars or Euros, you will not lose money on unfavorable exchange rates. Krona friendly gambling sites also accept the most popular European banking methods including credit cards, e-wallets and pre-paid cards.

Betting sites requiring the conversion of Kronor into Euros or American Dollars will regularly use public exchange rates and will charge a 1.5-2.5% service fee. Comparatively, the best Krona friendly gambling sites will not require you to convert your Kronor funds into Euros or American dollars. Swedish gamblers who intend to use a gambling service requiring the conversion of Kronor to Euros should be aware of the average exchange rate of 10 Kronor per Euro. Avoid the need to convert your funds by playing at a Krona friendly gambling site to get the most value for your Kronor.

Using the Svenska Spel gambling website is the best guarantee for Swedish gamblers who want to deposit, wager and withdraw without having to convert their Kronor into Euros. The best foreign based gambling sites will accommodate Swedish Kronor based gambling accounts but may still require you to convert your funds into Euros before enjoying certain casino games, online poker games, or gambling on sports.