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Founded in 2001, Betsson has experienced a nearly constant state of growth that has allowed it to become one of Europe's most popular online gambling sites. Featuring a sportsbook, virtual scratch cards, poker, an online casino, a bingo hall and other games, Betsson offers a wide variety of gambling experiences to its members. Each of Betsson's online gambling sites also features its own unique bonuses and promotions. Bonus: 100% up to $1600US PLayers Prohibited
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Betsson's best bonuses are typically found at its sports betting, poker and casino online gambling sites. Some of these promotions are designed to tie in with various sporting events, such as professional and collegiate athletic tournaments and major gambling events such as the Grand Series of Poker. These promotions are only active for a limited time, so members are encouraged to regularly visit Betsson's online gambling sites in order to stay current with all offers. The site also offers more permanent bonuses as well. These bonuses typically require the use of a Betsson gambling voucher code.

Betsson Gambling Voucher Code Offer #1

While it is common among online gambling sites to offer a 100% match bonus, Betsson Poker allows all new members to claim a 200% first deposit bonus of up to $2,000 with the proper Betsson gambling voucher code. The 200% bonus is the most lucrative out of five possible welcome bonuses that new players can choose from. Each bonus has a minimum initial deposit. Betsson requires players to claim the bonus within 29 to 60 days of activation. To release claimed bonus cash, players must earn Player Points by participating in real money ring games and tournaments. All of Betsson Poker's welcome bonuses release at a rate of either 8 or 10 Player Points per $1 wagered. Any bonus cash amount left unreleased after the offer expires is forfeited.

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Betsson's online casino occasionally offers race promotions in which players aim to outlast their opponents. The rewards are typically larger than standard casino prizes, although the requirements for winning differ from race to race. Most races require members to win a certain amount in one bet at least once per day during the qualification period. Failure to do so causes one to drop out of the race. Examples of prizes from such races include a suitcase full of thousands of banknotes and Û10,000 worth of gold.