5Dimes.com Review

5Dimes ( www.5Dimes.com ) is by far the standout as far as unique betting options, and rather than relying on Vegas odds or offering up the same odds as other sites, 5Dimes actually steps out and offers their own set of odds.  In addition to 5cent overnight lines on baseball and up to a 15 game parlay for the NHL, 5dimes.com certainly offers up some unique and interesting betting options.  One thing that does work against 5Dimes.com is their website itself.  While the software itself runs smoothly and payoffs are excellent and quick, the layout of the site is slightly dated, and with a lack of flash and flair doesn’t exactly have the visual appeal of most other sportsbooks.

5Dimes.com Bonus: 50% up to $500US Players Welcomed

When choosing a site to gamble online, 5Dimes is a clear preference among experienced players.

  • Site Established in 1998
  • 50% First Deposit Bonus up to $200
  • US Players Accepted
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  • Lightning Fast Payouts
  • Minimum Deposits in Low Increments
  • Great Customer Service
  • Deposit Bonus: 50%
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  • Rakeback: VIP
  • Network: Independent
  • Mac Friendly: No

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5Dimes certainly offers up the real deal, and would probably be much more popular with an overhaul on the site.  I can certainly see 5Dimes being a cult sportsbook...one that keeps fairly quiet and doesn’t spend huge dollars advertising and trying to create a flashy sportsbook experience.  5Dimes has taken substance over style, and with a huge variety of betting options, solid customer service and a seemingly never-ending number of ways to bet on your favourite sport(s) 5Dimes is definitely a solid sportsbook selection.

5Dimes Payouts and Bonuses

5Dimes.com is a standout in the payout department due to quick payouts 7 days a week, and a generous maximum withdrawal limit given their maximum deposit amount.  They have been given top recommendations from a variety of sportsbook review sites due to their quick payouts, and have had few-to-no customer complaints regarding their payout options.

I was actually pretty impressed with the bonuses for new players, and the reload bonuses offered up are a little better than average as well.  New players as rewarded with a 50% bonus on their first deposit, up to a maximum of $200, and players who deposit more than $400 are rewarded with the $200 bonus plus an additional 20% to a maximum of $520.  They offer up some great match bonuses for their casino and poker options as well, and with their lightning fast payouts they certainly rank up at the top of the charts for player satisfaction in the payout and bonus sections.  Both novice and advanced betters will be impressed with the bonuses offered up here, and it seems like no matter what your preferred method of withdrawal or your preferred method of betting is, you will be rewarded at 5Dimes.com.  I was personally quite tempted to take advantage of their reward program for new users, but with memberships to a few sportsbooks already it seemed a bit much to add another to the roster.  Still, given their track record and betting options, 5Dimes is an excellent choice for either new or experienced gamblers to place some bets.

5Dimes Deposit Options

Pretty standard fare as far as sportsbooks go, major credit cards, a few ewallets and options for direct money transfer.  The deposit limits are actually a little lower than I expected, topping out at $5000 on Credit Cards or Bank Transfer.  There are definitely not the same number of options as many of the other sportsbooks, but most betters will be pretty happy with what’s here.  5Dimes may lack options, but I think it’s tough to fault them for not loading their site up with a bunch of useless options that none of their customers use.

5Dimes Betting, Trends and Lines

5Dimes.com certainly has some of the most unique options out there, and a huge variety when it comes to picking odds and lines.  One of my favourite features was the 5cent over night MLB lines, and of courses as a hockey fan the 15 team parlay for NHL is also a top draw for me.  With a huge 16000/1 payout for a correct 15 team parlay, betting low stakes with a huge reward is a big-time potential.  This option started to really turn my interests towards 5Dimes, and the website layout actually makes the parlay option a bit easier than some of the other sportsbooks I’ve looked into, despite its dated appearance.

Experienced or novice betters will certainly have no trouble staying entertained here, and there is a huge variety for gamblers of all interests at 5Dimes.com.  The Office Pool option is also a novel idea, and may very well attract a few new players to the site, if those players aren’t as comfortable with the idea of wagering on games then the pool option may be attractive enough to earn a few bets. 

Player Support & Security at 5Dimes

Whether using the Live chat or phone options, 5Dimes is at the top of the industry for issue resolution and customer satisfaction.  Their FAQ and Help sections are a bit out of date, and don’t exactly offer up the best information for new customers seeking out information on the site.  The contact information for email inquiries is a bit hard to find at first, but the customer service representatives are extremely quick to respond to any emails they do receive.  They are not customer service standouts, but they are certainly an excellent customer service company. 

5Dimes also has a solid reputation for security and integrity, as one of the few sportsbooks established in the 90s that escaped any accusations of scandals, controversial payout methods, or fixing odds/wagers.  Their security system is top-notch, and with the exception of the credit card option and Western Union, their deposit methods all offer some secondary security of their own.

Player's Overall Opinion Of 5Dimes

It’s tough to like 5Dimes at first, since the site itself really doesn’t do anything impressive visually to attract users.  The site doesn’t seem as professionally laid out as some of the other sportsbooks, but that said their software and operation doesn’t seem to be suffering at all.  Wagering and receiving payouts is smooth and easy, and the bonus program is enticing to both new customers and returning players.  I am considering an account myself at 5Dimes, as despite a few minor complaints about the visuals and layout of the site, it makes up for a lack of flair with a tremendous amount of substance.